Learn how to record, mix & edit professional audio for video production, podcasting, music and much more! 

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Audio Mixing in the Box: The Advanced Course! 

This course will give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of recording and mixing using this popular software. Understanding the fundamentals of using this digital audio workstation software.

In this program we will be focused on the basics. You will learn to practice listening, learn the art of editing and learn the art of mixing. You will learn the navigation within Pro Tools and familiarize yourself with the software. Learn the different editing modes and techniques in manipulating audio. Learn how to edit and mix voice overs. Learn how to manage your sessions within Pro Tools. Learn how to create a dry and wet mix. We will go over EQ and Compression techniques and use Time Based Effects such as Reverb and Delay. Finally we will use all the techniques to create a final presentable mix.


2 Months


Certificate from HiFliers
Accredited by KHDA


AED 4,000
Payable in multiple installments

Course Modules

● Advanced implementation of Pro Tools and its tools

 ● Proficiency in plugins both free and paid 

● Learning how to crate a dry and wet mix 

● Crash course into Mixing and Mastering

Course FAQs

What will I be able to do upon completing this course?

Upon completion, you will gain an advanced understanding on audio production while using Avid Pro Tools. You will master the art of mixing and mastering to help you make your songs/work sound professional.

What skills or prior knowledge do I need?

Basic knowledge of using computers, as this course will be quick on using Keyboard and Mouse. No other skills required.

Is the course Theory or Practical based?

This course is a mix of theory & practical lessons.

What would I need for this course in terms of materials?

We will have access to computers on campus, however we ask the students to bring in their own harddrives/ssds if they wish to back up their work and material at the end of the sessions.

What are the career opportunities that may come with this course?

Taking this course will give you an insight on how you can be ready to start your professional music/audio career by learning the advanced skills needed to go about how music/audio is made and recorded with Avid Pro Tools

Is Audio with Avid Pro Tools a prerequisite for this course?

Yes it is. However if you have Basic knowledge in Audio Production, this course can still be applied to you.

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