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CPD – Phonics Levels

Our Phonics Levels  session will develop your ability of hearing, identifying and manipulating phonemes to understand the correspondence that these sound share and also learn about the spelling patterns which represent them.

This training will teach you about essential skills taught simultaneously from the beginning like the sound, letter formation, learning to blend and identification of sounds in spoken words. Through this optimum coverage of theory & practical teachers get confident about the subject and are able to build a strong foundation for their students.

Please join us for an informative session about our course!

Conducted by Head of Academics – Gina Uttamchandani


Workshop – Certificate in Child Care Through Play.

A workshop providing in-depth knowledge to nannies and other home-based childcare staff on understand learning-through-play and creating enriching play experiences for children (ages 0-5) at home.

Learners will be taught in a practical setting the different areas of child development for children from 0-5 years, and how to promote a child’s development and intellectual growth by creating play based activities and exercise. This course does not include a theory component; rather it will use real play-based tools and resources to teach learners to create their own activities at home. All different types of play will be emphasized, including (but not limited to): water play, sand play, sensory play, arts and crafts, STEAM activities, and story-telling.


Managing time as an Educator in Ramadan (CPD)

Time is an important resource in people’s lives as achieving our desired goals depend a great deal on the effective management of time. No one disagrees on the importance of time management, especially in a period when there are many responsibilities in terms of professional life as well as personal life.

Join us for a session to learn Positive effects of Time Management, Development of time management-skill, Managing time with students during class.

Hi-Fliers is here to give you all the required strategies and even more, please join us for an informative session for just 90 AED!


Courses for Working Professionals

Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist

Become a social media specialist today!

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Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Learn the A-Z of Digital marketing with us!

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Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Learn A-Z about SEO to rank your websites at the top!

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The Smartphone Videography: Knowing your Content

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Youtube Content

Basic guide into starting a YouTube channel, getting more views & subscribers, and building a brand with videos!

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Intro to Filmmaking: Learn how to make a short film! 

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Video Editing with Adobe Premiere

Learn how to edit videos for films, commercials and much more! 

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Audio with

Apple Logic Pro X

Learn how to edit, mix, correct and create amazing audio with Apple Logic Pro X.

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Audio with
Avid Pro Tools

Learn the basics of Audio Recording and Music Production with Avid Pro Tools. 

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Audio Mixing

in The Box

Audio Mixing in the Box: The Advanced Course! 

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Recording and Mixing
Vocals at Home

Learn how to record, mix & edit while using pro-studio techniques on a small budget on a laptop. 

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Voice Over


Learn how to create a professional voice recording in the space of a few sessions without having a recording studio.

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