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K12 Tutoring

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We provide supplementary tutoring classes for all major subjects for students from Year 5 up to Year 13. All our tutoring programs are designed to supplement classroom learning, strengthen core concepts, and prepare students for examinations. We offer flexible evening and weekend sessions to complement regular school timings. Sessions are held in small group settings or for individual learners upon special request. For more information on our current subject offerings, or to request a session, please reach out to us by leaving your details in the contact form below.

   Rates & Packages

Rates & Packages are determined based on the sessions you opt for. We offer hourly sessions or a full comprehensive package for multiple subjects for the entire year.

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Standardized Test Prep (SAT) and College Admissions Counseling: 

Hi-Fliers also offers preparatory courses and classes for various standardized tests including SAT, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. 

In addition, we pride ourselves in our college admissions counseling expertise. We have a network of counselors and essay editors with a track record of acceptances at the Ivy Leagues, Harvard University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Northwestern University, London School of Economics, Imperial College of London, Kings, and Warwick to name a few. We support your journey all way from the first step of identifying the colleges/universities and their corresponding programs that are the right fit for your academic background and future career aspirations, all the way to the final step of writing the application essays/ personal statement and submitting the application. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation session with one of our admissions counselors, please click here.

We provide different options and schedules for the individual as well as the group. At Hi-Fliers, we firmly believe in the importance of 1-on-1 learning and that is what we try to uphold. All our sessions are made highly interesting and engaging by our competent and experienced trainers. For individual sessions, candidates have the flexibility to pick a weekly time and day of their convenience. They are then assigned a trainer who works closely with them throughout the duration of the course. Similar is the case with group training where participants agree on a time and day of the week and sessions are then held on that prescribed day.

IELTS Course

Course Details

Hi-Fliers is an official Partner of British Council IELTS, offering bespoke IELTS preparatory classes for both, individuals and groups. 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most common requirement to assess a candidate’s level of English proficiency when they migrate to another country, or apply to institutions of higher learning. The results of the test are valid for up to two years. 

IELTS Tests are classified into two broad categories based on the purpose or objective of taking the test.  

  • IELTS General (G) – For candidates taking the test for the purpose of immigration, work, or for improving social skills by communicating in English.
  •  IELTS Academic (AC) – For candidates taking the test for higher study purposes or for entering into training courses. 

Learning Hours:

  • Free 20 minute assessment test to determine level of English
  • 10-30 hours based on learner’s need

   Rates & Packages

Packages can be selected by hour, by service (e.g. essay editing), or a full comprehensive package


Free 30 minute consultation with one of our counselors

Who is it for?

Students pursuing Higher Education; individuals looking to migrate and school teachers


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