BTEC Higher National Diploma (Level 4 & 5) in Business

Equivalent to 2 years of university and transfer to over 200+ universities upon completion

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Course details / Qualifications

BTEC HND (Level 4 & 5)

Higher National Diploma in Business

Pearson BTEC HND (Level 4 & 5) in Business is a vocational Higher Education course designed to prepare you for a career in business through a combination of theoretical and practical teaching. Upon completion of Pearson BTEC Level 5, students are eligible to top-up/transfer to 1000+ universities across the world to complete their bachelor’s degree in their final year. (existing tie-up in place with De Montfort University.)

Existing tie-up with
De Montfort University (DMU)


1 Academic Year


Pearson UK GLH: 960
Credit Value: 240


20,000 for Level 4
22,000 for Level 5

Course Modules


  • Business & the Business environment.
  • Marketing Essentials.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Management & Operations.
  • Management Accounting.
  • Managing a successful business project.
  • Innovation & Commercialization.
  • Entrepreneurship & Small business management.


  • Research Project
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Statistics for Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Developing Individuals, Teams and organizations
  • International Marketing
  • Planning for Growth

Course FAQs

What is Pearson BTEC?

Pearson BTEC stands for Business & Technology Education Council and was established in 1984.
BTEC is a suite of international qualifications taught across the globe by leading educational institutes and recognized in more than 70 countries worldwide, including the UAE.

Why should I enrol in Pearson BTEC?

There is a growing gap between what employers want, and the abilities of school leavers and graduates. More employers and higher education institutions than ever before are choosing BTEC. The content of the course is based on real employer needs, and students are assessed via the innovative BTEC assignment process, which gets students to complete tasks that reflect real industry challenges.

BTEC is also considered a cheaper alternative compared to a 3-4 year university where students have the opportunity to save up to 60%. Students can complete up to BTEC Level 5 (equivalent to second year of university), and transfer their BTEC credits in their last year to a university of their choice.

What is each BTEC level equivalent to? How do the Pearson BTEC qualifications provide transferable knowledge and skills for higher education?

All Pearson BTEC qualifications provide transferable knowledge and skills that prepare learners for progression to university. The transferable skills that universities value include:
• the ability to learn independently
• the ability to research actively and methodically
• the ability to give presentations and be active group members.
• research skills
• presentation skills
• decision making skills
• selection of appropriate tools and processes used in engineering
• effective writing
• self-management and planning skills
• analytical skills
• preparation for assessment methods used in a degree
• ability to work in legal, ethical and moral manner
All qualifications are mapped to transferable skills and delivery of these skills will be supported through Pearson resources.

How will my assignments be assessed?

All course requirements are 100% internally assessed through assignments and practical tasks. Most assessments are set and marked by educators in the school or college and verified by Pearson. Pearson will set and provide centres with Pearson Set Assignments for some units.
For units assessed with a Pearson Set Assignment, we provide the assignment to be used as the assessment for the unit. For the remaining internally set units, we provide Authorised Assignment Briefs. These can either be used as the assignment, or used as a template to set your own assignments, according to your learners’ preferences and to link with your local employment profile

Where will my diploma be accredited from?

Upon completion of our Pearson qualifications, you will receive your diploma from Pearson UK which is acknowledged and recognised by universities and employers worldwide, and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Diploma is also approved and recognized by KHDA in Dubai. For more information you can contact us.

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Progression Pathway


BTEC HND (Equivalent to 1st & 2nd Year of University)

Transfer to 1000+ Universities

Transfer to 1000+ universities in the final year to earn your bachelor’s degree.

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