Resin Art

Resin Art


What is Resin Art ?

Resin art is an unconventional form of art that is commonly used in many different areas of DIY projects, crafts, arts, jewelry and much more. Since resin does not  include the use of oil paints or easels, just the simple process of pouring colorful paints on an object appeals to every aesthete who does not need to be an artist.

Whether you want a change in the look of your charcuterie board, bass trays, or wooden furniture, the therapeutic effects of pouring colorful paints can allow for freedom of thought and imagination providing a great way to unwind and refresh.

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Program Details

We have collaborated with Meraki Studios to offer you the following programs :

Basic Program: The basic program does not only provide the theory knowledge to understand the dynamics of resin art, but also covers the practical aspect of the program, which includes projects such as floral and abstract techniques. This program would be suitable for art lovers that are seeking for a new hobby and have no prior experience with resin or in the field of art.
  1.  Advanced Program: The advanced program includes elements of the basic program and covers a wide array of practical projects, including two Resin Goede Paintings and two Agate Coasters. If you would like to master your skills in the field of Resin Art and turn your passion for art into a business, this program would be suitable for you.

Program Duration:

Basic Program: Total duration- 9 hours across 2 days.
Advanced Program: Total duration- 18 hours across 4 days.

Learning method:

Online or in person classes

Completion Certificate:

Hi-Fliers x KHDA Certificate

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    Course Features

    • Min Age 0 student
    • Duration1000
    • Guided Learning10 week
    • Teaching HoursN/A
    • Job roles upon completionEnglish
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