Certificate in Abaya Design 

Understand all fundamentals in Abaya fashion design.  

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Certificate in Abaya Design

This course covers Abaya Fashion Design process fundamentals across research, design and presentation. students will learn how to creating variety of abaya design, start with over view of abaya’s history and cover the basic of abaya pattern that students need to know, create design variation of raffles and beads, choose the right fabric and finally will dive into the technical and practical requirements concerning its construction and must excel in pattern making and sewing.


16 Hours – 4 Weeks
2 Sessions per week


Certificate from Hi-Fliers
Accredited by KHDA


AED 3,000

Course Modules

  • Trends and History of Abaya.
  • Learn the fundamentals of fashion abaya drawing on a ready fashion figure base including draping, ruffles, and volumes.
  • Textile knowledge.
  • Take measurements and create personal abaya basic pattern.
  • Create variety of raffles and abaya’s complementary.
  • Sewing techniques and finishing.

Course FAQs

Where are the tutors from? What is their background in relevance to the course?

Tutor for this course is an industry expert with diverse national background and in-depth knowledge of his field. We focus on the ability and experience of the tutor to deliver industry-level education and engagement with students throughout the course.

Do I require any materials to attend the course and do I need to make any preparations prior to joining the course?

Other course specific material will be Emailed to you and can be provide from our end at an additional cost. You are required to come to class with your personal laptop or tablet, a notebook and a pen depending on your preference. No prior preparation is required before joining the course. For more information contact us.

Eligibility Criteria for this course?

This is the Introductory course; it doesn’t require any prerequisites. Age 16 and above .

Any questions? Get in touch!

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